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The RSS Feed for this blog is: https://www.conorwriter.com/feed

Searching ‘ConorWriter.com’ in your RSS Reader should work too.

My website also has all the other default WordPress feeds setup.

Video Description:

RSS feeds are like a Facebook news-feed of all of your favorite websites.

The way it works is that you add your favorite websites into your RSS reader, and then you can just go to your RSS reader to read all the content from your favorite websites.

By putting all your favorite content in one place, you save time from having to visit each website independently.

Which RSS Reader Should You Use

There are a lot of different RSS readers you can use. I use Feedly. Here’s how it looks.

Here is a list of some of the different feeds I follow in my Feedly RSS Reader. As you can see, Feedly works well with ConorWriter.Com!

Now, here is what my main feed looks like inside my Feedly RSS reader. Simple access to awesome articles! It really helps to read more.

Sending RSS Feed to My Kindle

To send RSS Feeds to my Kindle I use https://kindle4rss.com/

I think there are also ways to send your Feedly Feed to your Kindle, but since I already had Kindle4rss working, and because I am about to get my Remarkable 2 E-Reader, I didn’t bother.

Once I get my Remarkable 2 E-Reader, I will be looking to send an RSS Feed to it and I will write an article about it.

Anywho, I hope this convinces you to create an RSS Feed.

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